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When it comes to a plateful of serving of fun and entertainment, Cream of Maestro will definitely not fail you. But, what is an extravaganza of magic show and exciting games without a heaping of some good ole munchies to fill up the appetite of your child and young guests? We betcha that young kids will definitely enjoy digging the hands into a bagful of warm popcorn, which each and every guest can have all for themselves.

Our Popcorn Machine Party Add-on is an ideal celebration extra that will surely create a more festive atmosphere to a kids; celebration. The kids will positively salivate from the moment they get a whiff of that signature buttery scent as they also hear every loud pop of every kernel inside our brightly colored popcorn machine.

We use only the premium quality corn kernels and are proportionately cooked in butter to ensure that every young guest will have the best-tasting popcorn that they have ever had. We carefully serve the popcorn bags with equal portions so that everybody gets their very own equal share. And because we serve it quick and fresh from the machine, you are guaranteed that kids will enjoy a bagful of popcorn that is full of flavor and appetizing.

These warm puffy treats are cooked to perfection by our jolly popcorn attendant. A smile will always be served to every kid together with the popcorn they will receive. And while our attendant makes sure that every kid who lines up gets his or her share, we will also ensure that the kids are at a safe distance from our machine. Because remember, the tastiest popcorn comes from a steaming hot machine.

Our popcorn serving are a great accompaniment while the young children enjoy watching the entertaining and jaw-dropping magic tricks of Singapore magician Maestro Derrick Lee. This is especially perfect for a carnival-themed party. But why not get the Popcorn Machine for any party theme you have in mind.

Once the party has ended, we simply pack-up the machine. This means no more cleaning hassles for you, so you can enjoy and listen to your excitedly thanking you for a fun and well-planned party.

Let Cream of Maestro complete everything that you for a festive kid’s party. Our Party Add-ons, especially the Popcorn Machine, will surely draw crowds and will be a big hit with the kids. To learn more how you can include this in your party package, call and talk with Maestro Derrick now!

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