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Cream of Maestro Wedding Emcee Service
It’s All About Your Love with Singapore’s Finest Wedding Emcee

Everybody dreams of a happily ever after. The bride in a pristine white gown, the groom in his well-suited tux, exchanging everlasting wedding vows. Exactly what every couple dreams of. Certainly, weddings are one of those momentous occasions that rightfully deserve special attention – from the meticulous pre-wedding planning down to the much-anticipated reception that comes after the ceremony.

Sure, you could always ask a good friend to emcee your reception event. But, nothing beats having a wedding reception hosted by a professional. Wedding emcee, host and magician Derrick Lee gets it done right without glitches making sure that your dream wedding is carried through until the end of your wedding reception. He knows the importance of your wedding day and would be very pleased to make sure that you will live your dreams of a perfect start to your happily ever after.

Personal Meeting with the Couple

Derrick’s Wedding Emcee Service does not start on the day itself. He will gladly sit down with you to discuss every detail and aspect of your wedding reception program. He respects that this is your dream wedding and is highly flexible to work with how you want details to get done.

Apart from ensuring that all program details are discussed, Derrick sees to it that you are comfortable with him as you discuss your unique love story to add some personal touch to hosting your wedding reception or banquet. He makes sure that every bit of enchanting information of your story is not left unturned.

It’s All About the Bride and the Groom

On your wedding reception, the couple takes center stage all throughout the event. The entire program is dedicated to make sure that your journey and love is highlighted to serve as an inspiration of a meaningful love to every guest sharing your day.

Hassle-free Wedding Program

Derrick will ensure that the wedding program is paced with impeccable precision. From the moment that you strut down to your reception venue, making sure that meals are served right on time down to the cutting of wedding cake and opening of gifts, you will never have to worry about leaving an important detail behind as Derrick will have everything covered for you. All you need to do is to enjoy your wedding reception as well as with your special guests.

Spontaneous and Engaging

Wedding receptions need not be all prim and proper. With Derrick, there is never a dull moment as he delivers spontaneous quips that will keep you and your guests constantly engaged and absorbed throughout the program. His charisma will definitely draw everyone’s attention and enjoy a joyful wedding event experience filled with laughter and good cheer. Your guests will surely remember your wedding as the best one they have ever attended to.

Triple Treat

What is a wedding reception without a little bit of flair? Derrick is not just an amazing wedding host, we will also put on a show to make your wedding reception a little bit exciting and magical. He will whip out is magic wand and amaze you and your guests with his artful magic skills. And when it comes to magic tricks, Derrick is definitely the best wedding host cum magician there is. That’s not all; he is also a charming entertainer that will capture the hearts and delight of your guests.

Derrick is a triple treat who is also multi-lingual. He fluently speaks English, Mandarin and Japanese, making him the best choice for a multi-cultural wedding event.

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If you want a dream wedding reception that is impressively memorable, let Singapore wedding emcee Derrick Lee spruce up your wedding event. Call Derrick now to discuss the details of your wedding reception!

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