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An Exceptional Show with Singapore’s Premiere Event’s Host Derrick Lee

Hosting an event, whether it is a corporate function, wedding day or a children’s birthday party, requires a striking balance of formal sophistication and engaging energy. Singapore Emcee Derrick Lee’s versatility can definitely enliven any event with his charming personality, sense of humor and youthful spunk. He will definitely draw and grab your guests’ attention every single of the program.

As a professional host and master of ceremonies, Derrick offers you a unique and refreshing event experience that will have your guests and audiences wanting for more even after the program has ended. His natural ability to interact, draw attention and spark the interest of a wide spectrum of audiences, from ages 1 to 100, guarantee that every single person is entertained all throughout the event.

Emcee-Hosting--pic-02He understands and knows your event.

Derrick recognizes that your event is your show. From the moment he signs a partnership with you, he will see to it that he understands and knows every single crucial detail about your event and the entire program. This is to ensure that no program element is left unexplored and that your show runs smoothly without any glitches. Derrick will make it a point that your guests and audiences will congratulate you for a well-planned and superbly executed event program. Please visit our page for wedding emcee service to know how it is done.

CowBoy-ShowDown-Emcee-Host-pic-02He delivers impeccable timing and pacing of your show.

If you want your show to be filled with robust highs and none of the boring lows, then Derrick’s natural knack for delivering perfect timing and seamless pacing is the right ingredient that you will need to keep your show running without the lull and snooze. He will make sure that your guests are constantly glued, engaged and involved in the program.

As Derrick is much involved in your show, he will see to it that smooth transitions of crucial program elements. For corporate shows, he will make sure that mentions of special awards and key announcements, are precisely inserted with perfect timing and pacing. As for your special and surprise guests and speakers, they will be presented in a manner that will boost their credibility and prominence. Now that will truly make them feel special.

For kids shows, he understands it takes ample care in making sure that young guests behave at their best and have the most enjoyable time at a party. He ensures that his program will keep kids at the edge of their seats for what’s to come during the program and not wander off.

Arrowtag-War-Host-pic-01He brings high-impact energy to your event.

Derrick is indeed a professional Singapore host, but it is not to say that he throws his energy out the window. If there is one thing Derrick can bring to your show, it definitely is an event filled with memorable fun and laughter that will exhilarate the senses of guests. His charismatic personality is enough to make your guests feel comfortable and at ease without being off-putting. And his signature wit and youthful humor will definitely spark and bring out a hefty amount of cheer and vivacity. He knows when to inject comedy to rouse the energy and when to pull back and bring exuberant refinement to your event.

He speaks your language.

Derrick’s brand of hosting is designed to capture the attention of a variety of audiences. He makes sure that your guests are constantly engaged by interacting with them using themes that matters and interests them.

Apart from that, Derrick is a multi-lingual host who can fluently speak in Mandarin, English and Japanese. So, language barrier is never a question if you have Derrick as your corporate events emcee and host.

He will mesmerize you with a dose of magic.

A show with Derrick is never complete without pulling some magic trick up his sleeves. He will don his Maestro Derrick hat and wondrously blends corporate and masterful magic to draw out some oohs and aahs from your guests. Whether it is a fun Kids Magic Show or a thought-provoking Corporate Magic Show, Derrick will astound you and your guests with his amazing talent and his innate ability to work a crowd with his intricate magic skills.

Your event will never be just the same old serious and stern event; it will definitely be transformed into an entertainment-filled, energy-laden show that will send your guests feeling phenomenal.


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