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Love for Kids
Magical Fun and Happiness with a Mission from God

Children are God’s apostles, sent forth day by day, to preach of Love, and Hope, and Peace.

ChristmasMagicShow-pic-01Maestro Derrick is a firm believer of the beauty of paying it forward. His love and compassion for kids is deeply rooted in his faith and belief of children as vessels of the message of God. And what better way to become carriers of love, hope and peace than mingling the teachings of God with the most effective way he can share them than with his artful skill in performing magical tricks.

He has travelled far and wide with his magic and balloon sculpting in neighboring Asian countries, like India, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and Malaysia in fulfilling his mission to share the love of God to young kids. He has served as a constant Gospel magician for outreach activities in Singapore and Malaysia during festive seasons, like Christmas Day, Easter Day and Children’s Day. Maestro Derrick has also ran holiday camps for several churches, such as the City Mission Church, Petra Church and St. Hilter Church.

He uses his masterful magic and balloon sculpting skills to share and preach Bible truth and stories to children. More than that, he has also equipped local church Sunday schools with creative and fun skills and activities in sharing Bible stories and messages to young kids and has trained many missionaries with evangelical skills for mission work.

Miracle-Healing-Pic-2As a mark of his relentless mission in preaching the word of God with his talent, he has served and worked with the St. James Church, City Mission Church, Newton Life Church, Baker Road Methodist Church, Petra Church, Bethesda Cathedral Church, Renewal Christian Church, Bethesda Frankel Estate Church, Covenant Community Methodist Church, Good News Baptist Church, Telok Ayer Chinese Methodist Church and the Word of Life Church and Church of Praise in Johor.

Truly, Maestro Derrick’s brand of bringing happiness to young kids is wrapped with a mission – to share the joy of the word of God with children through his magic for them to be able to pass it on to others.

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