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Magic Workshop Party Theme Party

It cannot be denied, kids love magic – from watching, being amazed to even wanting to learn it. So, how about making a Magical and Educational Learning themed birthday with the Cream of Maestro’s Magic Workshop Party? Your kid and young guests ages 5 years and above can become students of their own Hogwarts School of Wizardry for a day and learn the basic magic tricks and skills. This will be a great opportunity for your young guests to discover the magical talents within them, as Maestro Derrick teaches them what they need to learn in the art of magic.

Games Hosting

A children’s party is never complete without some energetic and exciting games. A 15-minute packed with lively activities will certainly get the party started for the young kids. And to make it even more fun, amazing prizes await the game winners.

ChildrenBirthdayParty-Pic04Harry Potter Magic Show

Let Maestro Derrick, as Harry Potter, capture the hearts of your kid and young guests with his display of magic tricks. The amazing magical feats that the kids will witness in this 15-minute show will leave them astonished and wondering how amazingly cool the magic tricks are performed.

magic-workshopMagic Workshop

But the kids do not need to be left thinking how the magic tricks were done, because Maestro Derrick will show them how to do it in a 15-minute Magic Workshop. The Maestro will sit down with the young guests and teach them the ABCs and 123s of becoming good magicians themselves. And because Maestro Derrick loved magic ever since he was young, he would gladly pass his skills on to the next generation at your kid’s party.

The workshop is complete with 20 Magic Toy Set, which will be used as the learning tools during the activity. Do not worry if you have more than 20 sets, you can certainly make additional magic toy set purchases with the Cream of Maestro separately.

birthday-cake-cuttingHosting of Birthday Cake Cutting

Your kid will shine as the star of the party as Maestro Derrick especially whips up a 10-minute fun and warm program for the your child’s Birthday Cake Cutting. And the icing of it all, kids can enjoy the sweet scrumptiousness of the your child’s birthday cake.

If you are thinking of what’s the best way to celebrate your kid’s birthday, call us now and chat with the Singapore Magician Maestro, Derrick Lee. We will be glad to bring the best theme birthday party plate for your little one!

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