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“A Dream Party Come True” Special Combo Theme Party

You can go all out with the Cream of Maestro “A Dream Party Come True” Special Combo. This fun-filled party package is a complete serving of Maestro Derrick’s big party bag of tricks. From hosting a lively program, performing mind-boggling magical tricks, intricate balloon sculpting and a bouncy castle to boot, this special party combo fit for kids age 3 years and above will definitely make your kid’s birthday wishes come true.

Double Slide Bouncy Castle

The “A Dream Party Come True” Special Combo does not skimp on giving a grand fun and excitement for your kid and young guests. For a whole two hours, the young ones can jump and bounce inside this 7.5 meters length x 3.6 meters width of a castle and skim down from its 3.2 m high double slide. This will definitely rouse the energies of every single guest in your child’s party. Just make sure that you have space big enough to fit this ginormous bouncy castle by allowing extra 1 meter extra space on each side.

Games Hosting

A party simply is not complete without exciting games, right? The 15-minute games hosting will surely get your young guests participating in interactive and amusing activities complete with prizes to bring added delight in this unique experience.

Children’s Magic Show

Your young guests will without a doubt be mesmerized and amazed as Maestro Derrick displays his uncanny magic skills in this 30-minute long Magic Show. Do not expect the usual rabbit in a hat trick, because the Maestro will definitely pull more than a cute bunny from his big bag full of magical tricks. Prepare the kids to be surprised and awed.

Balloon Sculpture

Balloons are not just shaped like a circle. It can be twisted, screwed, bent and knotted. Your young guests’ imagination will definitely go wild with the ingenious balloon sculptures Maestro Derrick can created in this 30-minute showmanship of balloon creativity. And as an added bonus, the birthday child gets a Special Cartoon Balloon as an exclusive gift from our Magician Maestro.

Hosting of Birthday Cake Cutting

And what’s a birthday party without a cake? More than the blowing of the birthday candle, your child takes the spotlight as everyone sings the “Happy Birthday Song” while he cuts his own birthday cake ready to share for his guests. This will definitely be a 2-hour party your kid will never forget!

If you are thinking of what’s the best way to celebrate your kid’s birthday, call us now and chat with the Singapore Magician Maestro, Derrick Lee. We will be glad to bring the best theme birthday party plate for your little one!

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