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Cream of Maestro Kids Magic Show
We Make Magic Happen!

Looking for that children’s show where every magic happens? Your search ends right here at the Cream of Maestro. Singapore magician Maestro Derrick serves it up big time with a wondrous exhibition of fascinating magical show that will leave every little kid in awe. Surely with the performances that your child and guests will witness, they will without a doubt believe that magic is not just a figment of the imagination, but a reality that will beguile their senses.

The Cream of Maestro Kids Magic Show will dish up the perfect treat that will awaken the curiosities of young boys and girls of every age. Maestro Derrick’s kids’ show is filled with laughter and gags that are loaded with high-powered energy that will have children glued to every moment of the carefully planned program. Definitely, there is no yawn moment when the uber enthusiastic Maestro Derrick runs the show. He will fully engage the attention of the kids. And do not be surprised when you and the other parents will have a great time watching, as well.

magic-mesmerizeWow! Factor

Maestro Derrick does not skimp on flair and splendor when showcasing his magical abilities. It is never just the bunny in a hat sort of tricks, the magical surprises up the Maestro’s mystical sleeves will definitely have your kids wowed, amazed and draw chirpy cheers and hefty claps. He will surely put on an astonishing show worthy of a resounding fanfare. It is a show for your young guests, after all. So, there is definitely no holding back in the Wow! Factor.

High-Energy Interaction

Think that our children’s show is all just about stage performance? Well, think again. Our show is certainly 100% interactive! And topped with a dollop of energy at that. The Cream of Maestro magic show will boost social confidence as we encourage interaction of children between Maestro Derrick and their fellow guests. Every part of the show will ignite every kid’s creativity and will encourage them to grab a friend or two or even three to enjoy their interactive experience.

youthful-spunkYouthful Spunk

No other magician gets kids’ responsiveness than with Maestro Derrick. His youthful sensibilities and spirited spunk will make young guests at ease and will instantly create that gleeful connection. Maestro Derrick is truly a child-at-heart. He will play along with the young guests’ interests and he will even dress up to match your child’s party theme. He will be your friendly baby-sitter throughout the children show and will make sure everyone will have the time of their lives. Now, how’s that for a hassle-free children’s party!

Magic and More

And because Cream of Maestro does not hold back on the helping of fun and delight, he will serve a plateful of magic and more. The magic program is blended with exciting games and interesting balloon sculpting. You can choose from a variety of Cream of Maestro Soup Party Menu for that right blend of magic and lively activities. Whether it is the Magic and Games Soup, Magic and Balloon Soup, Magic, Games and Balloon Soup or the Full Course Meal, every young guest’s craving for some magical fun will definitely be satiated.

Cream of Maestro Kids Magic Show also serves the definitive helping of magic and a whole lot more with its “Dream Party Come True” Theme Party Menu – from bouncing castles, a balloon piñata to bringing cheer as the star of the party blow his or her birthday cake.

And did we mention your kids can become a magician on their own? With the Magical Workshop Party, kids can learn to whip some magical tricks Harry Potter-style to impress their other friends. Or your kids can even have the best of both theme parties with the Ultimate Cream of Maestro Theme Party Combo!

feel-like-a-starFeel Like the “Star” of the Show

No party will ever be complete without the star of the show. And Maestro Derrick will make sure that your kid will have the party spotlight always shining on him or her throughout every bit of the program. We assure you that your kid will definitely have an unforgettable and truly memorable experience that he or she will never forget. Your kid will definitely end his or her special day with big smile, hugging and thanking you for a party well-planned.

Whether it is a birthday party, a family day or just about any activity that involves active children, trust that the Cream of Maestro Kids Magic Show can bring an abundance of joy and an extravagant firework of magical performances from the best Singapore magician, Maestro Derrick Lee.

To know more about the Kids Magic Show and Party Menu packages, call us now at 93630342 and Maestro Derrick will make the best children’s magical party happen for you!

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