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Cream of Maestro Corporate Magic Show
Spice Up Your Event With a Dash of Magic

Who says magic is just for kids? Definitely not! Because no one is ever too young or too old for a little bit of magic trick. But then again, with the Cream of Maestro Corporate Magic Show, a little bit magic does not cut it. It will definitely be a blast of magical proportions that will ignite the amusement of even the most skeptic of adults.

Singapore magician Maestro Derrick Lee will spice up your corporate event with his intricate magic performance and charm audiences with his charismatic personality. It does not matter whether you are holding an event with a big crowd or an intimate gathering of close friends and colleagues, sparks will definitely fly as Maestro Derrick stirs your occasion with his magical enchantment.

Louis-Vutton-Closed-Up-Magic-pic-02Distinctive Style

Maestro Derrick’s unique brand of flair is what sets him apart from his contemporaries. His sophisticated style makes him an excellent corporate performer to entertain a range of event guests. His engaging and magnetic personality will draw together groups to intermingle and lavish with amazement of his magical performance enticing resounding laughter, surprise and astonishment. And a dash of his endearing youthfulness will surely add that extra delight to the audiences. He definitely will start the fun rolling the moment your guests step in to your event venue.

Because Singapore is a big melting pot of multi-cultural people, Maestro Derrick bridges cultural uniqueness among a variety of guests as he is very fluent in English, Mandarin and Japanese. Having him around your event will definitely impress foreign guests to your business gathering.

Louis-Vutton-Closed-Up-Magic-pic-03Diverse Magic Performer

Maestro Derrick is a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to magic. His skillful mastery of the different arts of magic makes him a diverse performer of customized magic show that will suit your event’s need.

His Close-up Magic and Roving Magic are the perfect serving to an intimate gathering or to draw in clients in a business trade show. Maestro Derrick lets your guest experience magic literally just inches away from them and will surely rouse boisterous laughter and blaring applauses as he interactively performs magic with them. Definitely a good way to break the ice to your event and to keep the merriment rolling.

He can put pizzazz into your dinner parties with some up-close and personal mind-boggling Round Table Magic that will leave your guests baffled and wanting for more. Add to that some of Maestro Derrick’s hilarious quips to spruce the night up.

You will definitely stand up to your feet for an ovation after an incredible performance of Maestro Derrick’s Stage Magic. This ultimate serving of interactive magic will definitely leave all of your guests in awe.

If you are confused which of these magic shows will best suit your event, do not worry because Maestro Derrick will help you decide which show will surely leave a lasting and enjoyable experience to your guests.

Louis-Vutton-Closed-Up-Magic-pic-01Delightful Experience

One of the best things about having Maestro Derrick entertain you and your guests is that he will see to it that each and every single person in your event will have a smile on their face and amazement in their eyes throughout the show.

He will roll amazement, astonishment, laughter and awe into one giant explosion of magical enjoyment that will have your guests talking about your event for days. There will never be a dull moment experienced in your event with Maestro Derrick’s Corporate Magic Show.

If you are looking for a sure fire way to add some zest into any of your corporate events, the Cream of Maestro Corporate Magic Show will definitely pull a trick and more. Call Maestro Derrick now to discuss which of his trademark magic show is the best for your event.

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