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Cream of Maestro Balloon Sculpting Services

Let’s Get Crazy with Incredible Balloon Sculptures

with Singapore’s Best Balloonist

What’s a party without some balloons? Flying balloons, balloons on stick and balloon arch and pillar sculptures definitely make a party venue scream celebration. But what makes a kid’s party even more awesome are the amazing, creative and colorful balloon sculpture designs your young guests can bring home as a party souvenir. No, we do not make the same old boring and plain balloon poodles or bunnies. At Cream of Maestro, expert Singapore balloonist Maestro Derrick takes it to a whole new level.

Balloonist-Singapore-Derrick-Lee-Cream-of-MaestroRemarkable and Fancy Balloon Sculpture Designs

Maestro Derrick twists, shapes and sculpts balloons in many ways unimaginable. Your kid guests would definitely be surprised with the intricate and complex designs he can come up that will definitely make them wide-eyed and put a huge smile on their faces. Gone are the simple balloon swords, flowers and dog designs. He combines and forms balloons of different colors into vibrant and elaborate figures. Yes, you got that right, figures – from your kid’s favorite cartoon characters to original vibrant design creations. Every little guest would surely want to grab hold of these fancy balloon sculpture designs created with excitement by Maestro Derrick.

And because Maestro Derrick would want the kids to enjoy these balloon creations for a very long time, he uses only the best quality balloon materials for the equally great kids at your child’s event.

Balloons, Magic and Entertainment

And because Maestro Derrick is big on entertainment, his amazing balloon sculpting skills is perfectly fused with a heaping Kids Magic Show. Because at Cream of Maestro, we know that there is nothing more that can bring joy and wonder in every child’s face than an excellent combo of magic tricks using vividly colored balloons. And with Maestro Derrick’s youthful charm and comical quips, laughter will definitely surround your kid’s party venue.

We have incredible Soup Party Packages that incorporates balloon sculpting with different party ingredients. You have a choice from our Magic & Balloons Soup, the Magic, Balloons and Games Soup, the Full Course Meal or go all out with balloon sculpting fun with our Themed Party Packages.

Balloonist-Singapore-Derrick-Lee-Image1Personalized Balloon Design for the Birthday Child

Your child takes center stage, of course, during his or her birthday event. And Maestro Derrick has something extra special particularly prepared for the birthday child. He will marvelously twist, shape and design a Special Cartoon Balloon as an exclusive gift for the celebrator. A truly unique gift to put a smile on your child’s face from the Maestro himself.

Balloon Decorating Fun

Apart from the balloon sculpture show that is fully customized to any party theme and fits perfectly for kids of any age, Cream of Maestro also offers helium balloon decoration services. We can help transform a drab party venue into a festive scene bursting with vibrancy and a dollop of every shade of the rainbow. And we also do delivery, so you will not have any worry to think about.

If you want to include eye-popping balloon sculpting showcase as part of your kid’s party, call us now and discuss with Singapore balloonist and magician Maestro Derrick the many exciting ways he can create fantastic balloon designs!

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