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Birthday Party Magician & Magic Shows: Why Kids Love ‘Em

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The mind of a child is always curious. It looks at the world in constant amazement and wonder, so when you put something in front of them that will stir these feelings, you get their attention. And what better way to bring curiosity and fun to a whole new level than a dash of magic.creamofmaestro

Your dad, or maybe your grandpa might have pulled a coin magic on you right? It is the oldest trick in the book, where they make it appear and disappear from their hands, and then have it unbelievably materialize out from your own ear or at the back of your head. Some pull it off seamlessly, while others seem to need more practice. But as gullible as we are then, we still find ourselves in that how-did-you-do-that moment that leave us in awe, curious and amused.

We have all been there, so we understand why kid’s eyes light up at the sight of a magician. There is also a good reason why Harry Potter and Witches of Waverly Place did well on the big screen and television respectively. They stretch reality and make our wildest imagination a reality. So when you find someone who can bring this to you, what’s not to love?

Magic shows are definitely a delight to a kid. It holds a lot of spectacle, surprise and whole lot of extraordinary feats. Children would sit there wide-eyed with jaws dropped seeing that every trick seems to be unbelievable but amusing at the same time. Even to this day I still find the rabit in the hat trick to be very entertaining. And that’s the “magic” of it, no pun intended, these things make us question reality and yet revel in the illusion.

So if adults still find themselves amused and entertained with magic shows, how much more appealing these would be on the impressionable eyes and minds of little children. This is why birthday party magicians and their tricks are well received not only in their own productions, but also during parties.

Children’s birthday parties are the usual occasion where a magician and his bag of tricks is highly in demand. Not only does it make things interesting, but they add a heaping dose of fun for the little ones. They have a variety of interesting knick knacks and tricks up their sleeve that will certainly keep the mood festive the entire time.

According to magician Amit Kalantri, “Magician is the best storyteller in the world.” This is true in that a magician draws in the attention of the crowd. He can capture their curiousity and stretch or even challenge the audiences’ imagination.

But what makes a magic show during a birthday party more appealing is that it tends to be intimate. The children get to be up close with the illusion which makes it even more delightful. They see it happen right before their eyes and yet still find themselves caught off guard.

The good thing about birthday party magicians is that they not only act as an added feature to the entire party, but they can bring the party to you themselves. Who knows what delight they have up their sleeves. This element of surprise keeps everyone guessing and delighted, more than enough to keep everyone in the party in excitement.

So you ask why magic shows and birthday party magicians are much loved by children?

They give them a variety of surprises, entertainment and a chuck full of laughter. It is an experience that will have the birthday celebrant, the guests and even the adults very much entertained. It is going to be an enchanting time shared with the celebrant’s friends and family. That is already a wonderful treat in and of itself on top of the food, decors and everything pleasant in between.

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