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10 Party Add-ons Your Next Event Needs

There is nothing wrong in throwing a simple party, but it is also even better when you throw one that is definitely for the books. With elaborate theme parties becoming more popular nowadays, it is the party add-ons that give it that extra spin and amps up the fun. Here are ten that you might want to include in your next event.

Party Add-Ons to Spice Up Your Event

Face Painting

sinagpore birthday party

This activity is not just for the little kids, it is also an entertaining activity for the adults too. You can have a little booth or area set up where everyone get to have their faces painted. What is even more fun is that aside from usual paints, some artists like to spruce it up by adding glitters or glow in the dark colors!

Photo booth

cream of maestro

A photo booth is not only a fun addition to your party, the photos will also make great souvenirs. Some photos even come with a magnetic back so you can easily put them on boards or on your fridge! You will often find photo booths tied up with party photographers, but there are also others that offer this alone. Photo booths are often charged by the hour, but the fun and the memories captured definitely makes it an addition that is well worth it!

Party Favours

singapore party favours

Gone are the days where a loot bag is a simple party bag filled with goodies. Now, moms and party planners are upping up their ante with very creative party favours. Some give away dolls, others give personalized candies or baked goodies, while others even give wines or perfumes. Party planners today are becoming more creative and clever when it comes to coming up with memorable party favours. I once went to a bridal shower where I got to take home a small basket that comes with a DIY spa set, and a wedding where they gave out mints which said “MINT TO BE” on the wrapper.

Balloon Sculpting

balloon sculpting singapore

Balloon sculpting is also one of the popular party trends in Singapore, and this is one that surely adds to the fun in every kid’s party. Let’s face it, no matter how “techy” this world can get, the simple beauty of balloons will still catch any kid’s attention. Now take that and create a sculpture out of it, and you just set yourself for a good entertainment that can run for the entire course of the party! Adding to that, you can even get more value for your money because this can already serve as a party favour as well!

Fruit Carving

cream of maestro singapore

If you want to make your buffet or dessert table more interesting and colorful, fruit carvings can rake in some admiration from your guests. At one themed birthday party, I once had a carver make owls out of watermelons, and it was a sure hit on Instagram! This may not be a small drop in the bucket, but this will be well worth it, if you want to step up the entertainment up a notch.

Ice Carving

singapore wedding magic services

Do you want to make a more dazzling statement in your venue? An ice carving is definitely one thing that can have your guests talking. Ice carvings serve as beautiful centerpieces that adds elegance and a dash of wow into your party.

Personalized desserts

singapore party planner

If you want to go above and beyond your cake and ice cream, why not go for sugar cookies frosted to look like you? Personalized desserts are becoming more popular today as people want to really make their events memorable and fun.

Another way to personalize desserts is when they are coordinated according to the theme that the celebrant prefers. So for instance, they can have an entire dessert table styled to look like a candy wonderland, or a tropical dessert paradise, whatever floats your boat!

Food Stands

singapore party magic services

This type of setup is always a hit for kid’s birthday parties. Some companies have these stands rented, and you can choose any among the following popcorn stands, cotton candy stands, or a mini ice cream cart! The kids will definitely have a blast when they know that all these actually come for free at your party, and they can have whatever they want.

Video Coverage

If you think the typical handycam won’t give justice to the memory you want to capture, you can always hire a professional videographer. This may be a must for events like weddings or debuts, but this is also a good addition for any party. The good thing about the video services you can get today is that you can choose to have it in high definition. You can even request for a Same Day Edit which gives you a short creative video presentation that summarizes the entire event.

You have to put in an extra chunk of your budget into this though because videographers, especially those that offer SDEs and trailers (yes, you can have one done for your wedding).


singapore wedding emcee services

The food will all be consumed, the decors taken down, and the music fades, but photos remain forever. So if you want to hold on to the memories, hiring a photographer is a good investment. Today, photographers offer a selection of services aside from the usual point and click during the event itself. They can give you a prenuptial, postnuptial, or a pre-debut shoot. You can even ask a 12-month shoot for your new baby to document their first year of life. These services are widely available today, and you can also find it tied up to other party packages.

If you want to get your party add-ons for your next event, Cream of Maestro can give you a variety of activities and surprises! From magic tricks to balloon sculpting, whatever you want to go for, as long as it is within our selection of services. Call us today and let’s talk about how we give your party the fun it needs!

12 Smart Party Tips Every Parent Should Know When Entertaining Kids

Planning a party can bring on mounds of challenges to tackle especially when there are little ones involved. Aside from planning the food, the theme, or the decorations, you also have to think about their entertainment. For busy parents who already have enough on their plates, it’s only normal to feel overwhelmed with all the details. So here are 12 party tips to make sure that your little guests leave the party with all smiles and good memories!

1. Create a separate area for the kids

Singapore children's birthday party

Environmental manipulation is one of the secrets that will certainly kickstart the fun for your little ones. You need to create a separate area that is equipped with all the necessities that will cater to their enjoyment. Don’t get yourself hyperventilating thinking that this will add another dent to your budget, because it doesn’t necessarily have to be so. In this kids-only area, you just have to cover the floor with newspaper, secure it with tape, and also make sure that you child-proof every inch. Then you place some tables, chairs, and different kinds of arts and craft materials. This will surely keep them busy and entertained while the adults mingle.

2. Create a small cinema

children's birthday party

You can also prepare a room or your TV area and make it look like a cinema, or better yet a drive-in cinema! You can actually fashion old boxes into little cars where the little ones each get to sit in for some added fun, and then throw in a Disney flick on the big screen and turn off the lights for some added effects. Don’t forget the pop corn and child-friendly drinks while your at it!

3.  Kid karaoke

Singapore birthday parties

This type of entertainment is perfect party tip for kids who are 8-12 years old. If you have a separate area where everyone can belt out a tune or so, then prep it up to serve as a karaoke den. Just make sure that you have wall thick enough so that all their singing won’t disturb the adults, or your neighbors! You can also use this for little children for kid’s birthday parties, and have them sing to Disney hits that are also available on karaoke.

4. Amp up the costume party experience

singapore kid's party

Instead of having them come in their costume, why not have them make their own! Prepare the materials, such as wigs, dresses, makeup or face paint and hats. Then you can even make things more exciting by making a contest on who makes the best costume, or you could make a small runway so you can have a small fashion show where the adults get to be the audience and the judge. This will keep the kids busy and excited as well.

5. Scavenger hunts

singapore kid's birthday party

If you want to keep the kids busy and entertained, you can have them go on a scavenger hunt. Set up small clues and treasures in areas that will keep them on a separate area from where the adults are. Of course ensure that this activity is safe, but also exciting. To keep them entertained for long hours, consider prizes that will do just that. For instance, a brand new movie for a treasure.

6. Board games

singapore children's party

The past time activity may not be as common with kids nowadays as it did back in the day with the dawn of technology. So why not re-introduce board games by making it a theme for your kid’s party. Gather several board games into a room with snacks and your good! You might want to give a few instructions to how these works, and have them leave any technology on the door. Let them experience the old school stimulating games which also allow them to actually interact. This is perfect for children ages 8 and above. You can find board game ideas here.

 7. Host a baking party

singapore birthday party

You can also host a small baking party for the children where they get to bake and decorate their own pastries. If you don’t want so much fuss, you can always buy plain ready-made cakes and have the kids decorate this. This is perfect for school age kids who enjoy the feeling of being self-independent. It is more rewarding for them if you also let them serve their creations to everyone in the party. It’s also a fun way for you to enlist help with the desserts. This activity would require an adult’s supervision to avoid having so much mess and mishaps.

8. Host a mini sports fest

birthday party ideas

This is a perfect activity if you have a yard, and if you are planning on hosting a day party. You can either create a small volleyball court, and to make things more fun, why not use water balloons. A badminton tournament, a makeshift bowling area using soda bottles, or a DIY obstacle course can also be very fun  for the little kids.

 9. A Wii dance party

children birthday party singapore

You can put a different spin into the typical dance party by using your Wii. This is a fun way to get kids to be active and have fun without creating so much mess. You can even put a little competition and prepare a price for the little victor.

10. Spa party

Singapore kid's party

If you are expecting  little girls, why not give them the best time by throwing a spa party. Set up a room to make it look like a spa, prepare kid-friendly nail polish, some face mask, and cucumbers! Have them wear bathrobes just to put them in the mood, and yes, don’t forget the snacks. You can throw in a movie to entertain them while they relax and pamper in  your makeshift spa.

11. Pet party

singapore children's party

Pet party is also another fun and unique way to entertain the kids. If you have a group of kids who collectively love dogs, and all happen to have their own. You can set up a party where they can bring their beloved canines for a fun party. You just have to prepare enough food and space for everyone.

12. Hire an entertainer

kid's birthday party singapore

If you really want to make sure that everyone leaves your party entertained, hiring an entertainer will definitely leave much out of your hands. For busy parents who may not have enough time to plan about the entertainment with these party tips, hiring a professional is definitely a smart move. A magician can provide good entertainment value not only for the little kids, but for your adult guests as well. With professionals, you also get several surprises and activities that can certainly put the fun in your event.

Cream of Maestro is one of Singapore’s reliable birthday party magicians and emcee that you can certainly liven things up with the multitude of surprises up his sleeve. Not only does he provide the entertainment, he can also host your party program on top of other services. Call us today if you want to throw a party the little kids will truly enjoy and remember!

10 Party Planning Mistakes Every Newbie Planner Should Avoid

There are several reasons why we want to take on the party planning hat. It could be that you are trying to work around a tight budget, or  you probably want to personalize the special event you are throwing. Setting up a party can be a tricky matter to undertake especially for the inexperienced planner.

So if you are up to the task, here are ten common mistakes that most newbie planners  fumble with.

1. Sending invites either too late, or too early.

Your invitation is one of the crucial things when planning a party. It is very important that you send it out just at the right time, otherwise, it could lead to disastrous results. When you give it too early, there is a good chance that people could end up forgetting. You couldn’t expect everyone to be well reminded of their schedules, right? On the other hand, if you give your invitations too late there is a likelihood that people might not be able to come because they don’t have enough time to fix their schedules.

magician singapore

So when is the right time then?

For your guests to be well reminded of your event, send the invitations at least 3-4 weeks from the date of your party. You also need to consider the timing of your event. For instance, you know very well that holiday season is lined with parties, so be sure to send out invites a week or two earlier than usual so people can pencil you in especially during this busy time of the year.

2. Failure to make a guest list

magic show birthday pary

A guest list helps you narrow down the people you intend to have at your party. It also helps you keep a budget and anticipate for other essential things to cater to the guests you are expecting to come. Having a guest list also saves you from overlooking certain people. You don’t want friends feeling bad because you failed to invite them. However, don’t be too stringent with your list. Give it an allowance of at least 10-15 people just in case there is someone you accidentally missed to include.

3. Skipping the RSVPs

singapore rsvp

RSVPs are so important because this gives you an idea of who is coming and who is not. It helps you to plan better, from the seating arrangement, right down to the giveaways or tokens you plan on giving. An RSVP is very important for a host because not only does it help you know what to expect, but it also helps you keep your budget in check. So when making your invitations always make sure to include important details. Most of the time, the problem with RSVPs fall on the other end, as some guests fail to respond, whether to confirm or decline. To help make things for you there are mobile apps to make things easier for you.

4. Failing to inform your neighbors.

singapore entertaining

If you expect your party to get pretty loud, it would be considerate if you inform your neighbors ahead of time. In this way, you get to agree with your neighbors about how long the party is, how loud is too loud, and a few details you want ironed out. You don’t want to start disputes with your neighbors just because of one party. This also saves you from having officers knocking on your door because a neighbor called you in.

5. Not preparing enough food

party planning singapore

There was this one time when I attended a wedding, and it seems that both bride and groom were not prepared for the number of guests they are expecting. When reception came, there was not enough food that some of the guests had to go out and end up eating at McDonalds that was just right down the block. If that was my party, I would not want my guests experience that especially when they arranged their lives to accommodate my event. So when you plan your event give an allowance of at least 10-15 people/plates. It’s better to have some extra than to fall short especially since food is an integral part when entertaining guests.

6. Not anticipating the weather

singapore party planning

When you plan for an event, you also need to consider the expected weather conditions around that time of the year. We may not predict the weather when were planning for a party months ahead, but when you know that your event falls on a rainy season, opt out of outdoor set-ups. This saves you from a disastrous outcome of having to change venues at the last minute, or you don’t want your guests running to find shelter as soon as rain starts pouring. Aside from being embarrassing, this can also be a hassle, and it can ruin a good occasion. So when you are planning your venue, also consider the weather and see if both can be appropriate for your event.

7. Not preparing a plan B

magic show birthday party

If you want to be fully prepared for your party, not only will you iron out the usual details, but you also need to prepare a plan B. In fact you can even go as far as plan D if needed be, just to make sure that everything runs smoothly should any hiccup down the road happens. Come up with a contingency plan at least 3 weeks in advance so that you can still have an organized method you can follow when things go awry.

8. Not having a parking plan

magic show birthday party

Place yourself in your guest’s shoes, and see how you would feel if you get a hard time looking for a place to park. See how much of a hassle this would be? Creating a parking plan is also vital in planning a party because this also shows that you anticipate your guest’s needs. Why not check valet services? Or you could contact companies who offer transportation services. On the other hand, if you are planning to throw an event in a residential neighborhood, a parking plan will also help you avoid frustrating neighbors with all the cars expected to line up.

9. Not having enough help on the day of the party


If you think you’ve got every detail down, don’t allow yourself to think that you can pull it all together on your own. There is always more that can be done with an extra hand. So always be sure to have enough manpower so that you can run your party more smoothly. And when you already have help available, inform them ahead of time that they should come at least 2 hours ahead of the scheduled time so you can give last minute instructions and touch-ups. Delegate tasks clearly to ensure that the people on your party planning team know their roles to prevent confusion and chaos.

10. Not ironing out the entertainment

magician singapore

One of the things that newbie party planners often overlook is whether to hire a professional host or ask someone they know instead. Usually, in their plans to cut back on expenses, they usually skimp on entertainment instead. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing especially for those on a tight budget, but when you don’t have someone to run the course of the party it may turn out dull and boring. Hosting a small dinner party may not need an emcee or entertainment, but when you are throwing a bigger event it is important to invest on a professional emcee. Aside from adding entertainment value, a professional host can also help you create a more organized program.

These mistakes are often overlooked by newbie planners, and the sad part here is that it can lead to disastrous results for your event. Yes, even the slightest detail can make the difference. So now that you now the common problems encountered by party planners, I hope that your next occasion will run smoothly. So for your Singapore party planning needs, let Cream of Maestro take care of your entertainment. Call us today, and allow us to turn your event into a real party!

Singapore Emcee: 7 Good Reasons Why Cream of Maestro

singapore party planning

If you are hosting a party, whether it be a kid’s birthday bash or a corporate event, one of the important things to consider is whether to hire an emcee or not. So why fuss over this detail when there is much to worry about, such as the food, the decorations, and drinks no less. But most of us undermine the importance of having an emcee to direct your party,. If you are not yet convinced, you might want to look into these reasons.

Why Do You Need an Emcee?

  1. You have someone who can handle the hiccups in your event

It is important to delegate tasks especially when you are handling a rather large crowd. Hey, even juggling a kiddie party would push you to need few extra hands. So, if you want to keep things smooth sailing, a person who knows how to handle these kind of situations, while keeping the party running at the same time, can be very important. A professional Singapore emcee is sure to have handled several events, and any bump in the road which may seem to be catastrophic for you may already be in the bag for him as standard protocol.

  1. Allows you to focus on the event

When you have an emcee who runs the show to keep your guests entertained, you can have more time to enjoy the party. Well, isn’t it the whole point of your event, which is to socialize? An emcee will keep everyone engaged, while you can focus on meeting and greeting your guests.

  1. Has material for fun

Humor is always essential when hosting, but being funny versus having material is also a crucial factor for a successful hosting stint. There is a difference between being a joker from being a witty comedian. And a professional Singapore emcee knows the fine line that divides these two. These people have what you call an “act” prepared for different kinds of events. So you can expect them to be able to deliver laughs, while creating rapport with your guests. But more importantly, they also know how to make their brand of fun relevant to the crowd they are entertaining. An emcee is also able to keep the balance in entertainment for everyone.

  1. You also get entertainment

Professional emcees know the essentials to keeping the crowd glued and engaged to them. But aside from that, there are also others who are able to take that a step further. Aside from the games, jokes, or trivia, some also like to throw in some magic tricks too! There are professional masters of ceremony who also offer some party package add-ons that cater to certain events. Do you like to have a bouncy house for your kid’s next birthday party? Or a balloon sculpture perhaps? There are professional emcees who have that to their foray of services, and this gives you more value for your money, and it’s less hassle for you as well.

  1. Creates a sense of formality

Having someone to handle the program will put a sense of formality especially when you are throwing a corporate event or a wedding. It is an emcee’s job to take the people through the flow of the program while keeping them engaged and entertained. However, a good emcee also ensures that the tone of the occasion is maintained.

  1. On the day organizing

A Singapore emcee will also serve as an organizer because they help direct the flow of activities in the party. It is their job to create the right timing for everything that is to be included in your program, and make sure that everything is ironed out so that the event runs smoothly. They call in the right time to make a toast, to request the single ladies to gather for the bouquet toss, or to prepare the best man on his turn for a speech.

  1. Ability to handle pressure

Sometimes, we find it tempting to hire a friend, an office mate, or a family member to host the program. But as much as this can work out for some, it can also be a setup for disaster. When you put an amateur on stage, there is a good chance that they might crack under pressure. You might find Jim from accounting to be hilarious when he throws jokes in the coffee room, but he might curdle up when tossed into a stage with everyone looking at him. But a seasoned host is able to take any unexpected occurrence and make it work to their advantage and still end up with great material for everyone’s entertainment.

Hiring an emcee may always be placed on the back burner when planning a party because too often we find this to be rather trivial. But I want you to remember that aside from the beautiful setup, the sumptuous buffet, and flowing drinks, one of the things that your guests will also remember is how they felt after going to your party. And that is what a professional Singapore emcee can give you – a memorable event!

If you are looking for a fun and entertaining host for your party, Cream of Maestro can make your event truly memorable. For any Singapore Events you have in mind, we can cater our services for the kind of good time that you want. Call in today for a schedule.


8 Essentials to Successful Party Planning

party planning

Planning a party can be exciting, but also a stressful task to undertake. But when you know what you are doing, and when you run it through a plan, then you can always get your head above water. Throwing a party ought to be fun and exciting, and should never be daunting. So let me take you in on ten essential secrets to help you nail a good party!

Work around a theme

A theme is something that can make your party more interesting and exciting. But more than that, it allows you to create a more cohesive plan. It also helps you to decide on which way to go in terms of decorations, food, games, music and venue. So work up those creative juices and choose a good theme that will go with the occasion you are celebrating. It could either be a shabby chic birthday party for your mom, a superhero birthday for a little boy, or a vintage inspired wedding. The options are endless when you just let your imagination work its magic.This makes things easier for you, and you get to throw a memorable party too!

Create a Budget

Every wise party planner should run under a budget to avoid overspending. Because for all you know you could end up spending for a party that could feed thirty even when you are only planning a gathering for ten. Give the very basics the biggest chunk of the budget, such as food and drinks. If you have a limited budget, you don’t have to worry about the other frou frous and what not. You can still make your setting interesting, just be creative with your plating and food arrangment, or light some candles for added ambiance. When you have enough left over, that is the time when you can throw it on decorations, entertainment and giveaways.

Prepare your Menu

Planning a menu can be based on either or both these two factors – your theme and your guests. You can plan a menu that run around a common theme. For example, if you are planning to throw a Halloween party, you can make bread rolls shaped like broken fingers, prepare red punch to look like a pool of blood, or fishballs to be made like eyeballs. A menu that caters to your guests preference is also important if you want to make sure that your guests enjoy their meal. This is particularly helpful especially if you are planning a party for people who are on a strict diet for health or lifestyle reasons. Instead of going for steaks or sweets, you can choose steamed dishes instead. Your guests will appreciate this gesture more and will better enjoy your party.

Choose a Venue

Choosing a venue will depend mainly on convenience, budget, and how it will meet your needs. Landing the right venue will also make the difference between the success and failure of your event. Here are important things to consider in choosing a venue:

a. Good transport links. This is particulalry helpful for those who are commuting.

b. Parking space. This also spells convenience for those bringing their own ride.

c. Right size and capacity. It should just have the right space for the amount of people you are expecting

d. Other events booked on the same date (to avoid confusion and problems with the other party)

e. Amenities (Some venues include these on the price rate they give)

f. Check.Visit your venue so you can check it out yourself if it meets your needs.

g. Reasonable price. The cost of the venue should strike a balance for your budget, otherwise you’d end up curtailing other expenses.

Prepare Your Guest List

Of course, a party wouldn’t be a party without your guests right? So when you are narrowing down the people you want included, it is important to list those important ones you wish to be present. You can tell them ahead of time about your plan or tentative date, even if you are not yet handing out invites. The other guests can be invited as soon as you set the date. It is proper etiquette to give your guests no less than three weeks notice for them to prepare their  schedules.

Map Out Your Activities

Creating a flow to your party keeps it organized and also entertaining, whether you are planning a big event or a more intimate gathering. This should not only include a list of activities for the day itself, but also for the previous days. Here is a simple timetable that you can follow.

When to Hire and when to DIY

This is a very important factor to consider, and also one that largely depends on your budget. If you are planning a large party and you are running on a tight budget, it is important to pick out the areas where you should hire someone, and those you can do it yourself. For example, your entertainment is one of  those things that you can delegate. If you are hosting a big party, like sweet sixteens or a wedding, an entertainer or host can be very helpful to keep the party fun and upbeat. A host can prepare games or even put up a magic show to keep the guests engaged (just be sure though to book a good one).

If you think there are areas in your party planning that you can do on your own, then by all means do it. This helps you save money, which you can also spend on other important things.

Choose Your Entertainment Wisely

Since you can only wish Maroon 5 to barrage into your wedding reception, it is up to you to look for a good entertainment for your guest. Whether you are planning for a small birthday party for your toddler, a retirement party or a Christmas party, it is very important that you make sure your entertainment is appropriate for your crowd. The kind of entertainment you prepare can also make or break the fun in your event. A simple tip, choose an entertainer that is versatile in handling different crowds.

Choose the Essentials

When you are strictly following a budget it pays to stick to what is essential. There are times when we can’t help ourselves and splurge. But be sure that when you do, you stick to what is important. For example, if you are planning a wedding and you want to hire a coordinator to smooth things out for you, it is also important to know that these people are different from stylists. These are the people who are responsible for the decorations and the little details that make a wedding much more enchanting. But with that aside, you also have to consider the price when you have both on board. If you are sticking to a tight budget, go for people who offer both services at a more reasonable and attainable price. You don’t want other areas such as food, photos, and your wedding dress to suffer right?


If you wish your next party to be memorable, with magic shows and loads of entertainment, Cream of Maestro can give you the fun you need. Served by Singapore magician, Derrick Lee, we will give your party the amusement you are looking for! Book us today for a memorable experience your guests can enjoy!


Kids Birthday Party: Things You Should Not Forget

kids birthday party

Planning your kids birthday party is a delight for some parents and maybe a tad bit stressful for those who are not big on the artistic side. But either way, these things can sometimes be overwhelming which can result in a couple of snags. However, the main point is that you make it your best and you make it special. If you want to make sure that the essentials are covered, here is a list of the things you should never forget.

  • Theme

Kids love themed parties, but then again you can still throw a good one freestyle. But if you do plan to have a theme, it gives you an outline on how the party will most likely look like, what games to have in hand, and certain recipes that would be appropriate to prepare. It pretty much helps you organize what you need ahead of time. Themed parties also makes it fun and interesting for your child and the guests. Therefore, it would be good to start checking up on their favorite story characters or any toy that they hold special affection. You can even ask them yourself, and then you can work the rest from there.

  • Invitations

Preparing the invites for your little one’s birthday is like a sneak peek to what your guests will expect the party to be like. Some parents send electronic invites, but I would say the traditional way is still much preferable. Planning on the invitations is also a good time to deliberate on whether to invite just family or friends. If your child is old enough, have them choose who they want to come. As for sending those invites, a good two weeks before the date of the party would be an appropriate time to mail them.

  • Menu

This is one party essential that can be fun to make. If your child is old enough, you can ask them for suggestions on the food they want on their birthday, and then you can add your own special recipes you have up your sleeve. If you are getting it catered then good, but if you are donning the chef hat for this special occasion, it is best that you plan the menu at least two weeks ahead. Make sure that you plan your prep time carefully so you don’t get overwhelmed on the day itself.

  • Decorations

A kids birthday party becomes a party when you have decorations. Children are fond of colors, and when you give your venue the right sprucing up, this also gives them a party for the eyes. If you are on a budget, having decorations doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to make it happen. There are a lot of cheap and savvy ways to make your party place just as interesting.

  • Cake

Having cakes in birthdays was started by Germans in the middle ages. And guess what, they were actually used to celebrate the birthdays of young children in a celebration called the Kinderfest. When you get old, cakes and candles would already suffice for a birthday party. But if you want to go the extra mile to make it extra special for your little one, a cake is the focal point of a party. You can have it designed to follow the theme of the party, bake it yourself, or maybe even have some special surprise hidden in it. Whatever look, size, color and flavor that cake may be, what is important is that there is one. Having a cake and a candle to blow tells your kid that they will always have that one wish every year.

  • Entertainment

You can make a kids birthday party extra special when you prepare the best entertainment. By that, do not limit the choices to your typical parlour games. You have to broaden your creativity and consider party hosts, clowns or birthday party magicians. This will help you leave out any dull moments during the party, have someone to direct the flow, and give a mind-blowing entertaining your guests will not forget.

  • Goody Bags

Goody bags serve as treats that the little guests get to take home with them. You fill these little bags of favours with interesting  nick nacks as a way of saying thank you for sharing their time in that special occasion.

If you are determined to give your child a very memorable party, Cream of Maestro can give you the best entertainment services by no other than the genius Derrick Lee. We assure you that we will have fun totally covered. Contact us today at +65 93630342 or +65 107660342 for more details.

10 Easy Birthday Party Games for Kids

Kids Birthday Party Games When it comes to birthday parties, the cake and presents are often the center of it all. But you can make things more fun and interesting for little one and the spritely little guests by preparing some party games for kids. This allows children to not only participate but also enjoy their time. Here are some games that you might want to add into your party plans.

1. Musical Chairs

Here is something that can have the little ones in a fun competition. All you need is a row of chairs that are lined back to back or arrange them in circular fashion. It should be one chair less than the number of kids who join. Put on some music and have the children walk clockwise around the chairs. When you stop the music the children must find a seat, the one left standing will be eliminated from the game. This also means you also remove another seat. Continue with the game and the child who got the remaining seat wins.

2. Lawn Bowling

A cheap and creative way to induce fun into your kid’s birthday party is lawn bowling. No, it doesn’t really have to be in a lawn, but a good amount of space can be appropriate. You just need some plastic water bottles that are of the same sizes. To make sure that they stand firm, you be more creative by filling it with water mixed with some food coloring. Line them up and then have a ball ready and have the little ones get ready to strike!

3. Bucket Toss

Order may be the last thing on your mind when kids are involved. But you can have them all behaved waiting for their turn with this all-time favorite bucket toss party games for kids. You will need buckets, Ping-Pong balls and some prizes. Simply line 6 buckets in a row, and fill it halfway with prizes. Then you mark a line on which the kid’s feet should not cross. The children will take turns tossing a Ping-Pong ball. If a child shoots the ball in any of the buckets, they get to win one of the prizes inside. If a child misses it after tries, another child will have their turn.

4. Bean Bag Toss

This is another tossing game that the little children will love. All you need are hula hoops and three small bean bags. Lay the hula hoop on the floor and line the kids a few feet away. Each of the children will have their turn tossing the bean bags into the hoop. Let them step back a few feet back each round to make things more challenging and fun!

5. Animal Charades

You can mix fun and creativity with animal charades. You just have to write the names of animals (use the easy ones), and drop them all in a bowl. Have the children take turns to take a slip of paper and act out the animal they picked. It would be better if there they make no sound at all to make it more challenging.

6. Treasure Hunt

Children love to explore, and a treasure hunt is a perfect way to tickle that fancy. You just make a treasure map that contains several fun, interesting and mysterious instructions. Hide or bury some clues outdoors or anywhere around the house. You can give gold coins or any prize to serve as the “treasure” at the end.

7. Balloon Race

For this game you just need some balloons and chairs. Place the children evenly into two groups and each have to partner up with someone. Each pair from each group will place a balloon between their waist and they will race around the chairs placed a few feet away and back to their line. The first group to have all pairs go around the chairs without dropping the balloon in between them will be the winner.

8. Balloon Pop

Another way to have some fun with balloons is to have the children tie it with a three foot string on their right legs. They have to pop the other person’s balloon by stomping on them, and when a child has their blasted they are out of the game. The last child with unpop balloon wins. This is going to be loud and hilarious game.

9. Egg Relay

This is a fun way to challenge the little ones’ balance. All you need are two teams with equal numbers of players. Prepare some hard boilded eggs, you can color them for added flair, and then provide each player with their own plastic spoons. All they have to do is to balance the egg on the plastic spoon, race towards a chair placed a couple of feet away while making sure that they don’t drop the egg as they steady their way back to the starting point. The first team to have all members successfully come back without dropping the egg wins. Have some extra eggs in hand, because if a player does drop one, they can come back to the starting point and do it again. Make sure to have some prizes ready to reward them for one those rather challenging but fun party games for kids.

10. Sock Game

This game is actually very simple, fun and hilarious. You just need several socks that are preferably knee high ones to make things more challenging. Have at least six times as many socks as the players in the game. Let the kids sit in a circle and instruct them that once you turn on the music they have to put on as many socks as they can until you stop the music. The one with the most socks on wins the game.

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Birthday Party Magician & Magic Shows: Why Kids Love ‘Em

The mind of a child is always curious. It looks at the world in constant amazement and wonder, so when you put something in front of them that will stir these feelings, you get their attention. And what better way to bring curiosity and fun to a whole new level than a dash of magic.creamofmaestro

Your dad, or maybe your grandpa might have pulled a coin magic on you right? It is the oldest trick in the book, where they make it appear and disappear from their hands, and then have it unbelievably materialize out from your own ear or at the back of your head. Some pull it off seamlessly, while others seem to need more practice. But as gullible as we are then, we still find ourselves in that how-did-you-do-that moment that leave us in awe, curious and amused.

We have all been there, so we understand why kid’s eyes light up at the sight of a magician. There is also a good reason why Harry Potter and Witches of Waverly Place did well on the big screen and television respectively. They stretch reality and make our wildest imagination a reality. So when you find someone who can bring this to you, what’s not to love?

Magic shows are definitely a delight to a kid. It holds a lot of spectacle, surprise and whole lot of extraordinary feats. Children would sit there wide-eyed with jaws dropped seeing that every trick seems to be unbelievable but amusing at the same time. Even to this day I still find the rabit in the hat trick to be very entertaining. And that’s the “magic” of it, no pun intended, these things make us question reality and yet revel in the illusion.

So if adults still find themselves amused and entertained with magic shows, how much more appealing these would be on the impressionable eyes and minds of little children. This is why birthday party magicians and their tricks are well received not only in their own productions, but also during parties.

Children’s birthday parties are the usual occasion where a magician and his bag of tricks is highly in demand. Not only does it make things interesting, but they add a heaping dose of fun for the little ones. They have a variety of interesting knick knacks and tricks up their sleeve that will certainly keep the mood festive the entire time.

According to magician Amit Kalantri, “Magician is the best storyteller in the world.” This is true in that a magician draws in the attention of the crowd. He can capture their curiousity and stretch or even challenge the audiences’ imagination.

But what makes a magic show during a birthday party more appealing is that it tends to be intimate. The children get to be up close with the illusion which makes it even more delightful. They see it happen right before their eyes and yet still find themselves caught off guard.

The good thing about birthday party magicians is that they not only act as an added feature to the entire party, but they can bring the party to you themselves. Who knows what delight they have up their sleeves. This element of surprise keeps everyone guessing and delighted, more than enough to keep everyone in the party in excitement.

So you ask why magic shows and birthday party magicians are much loved by children?

They give them a variety of surprises, entertainment and a chuck full of laughter. It is an experience that will have the birthday celebrant, the guests and even the adults very much entertained. It is going to be an enchanting time shared with the celebrant’s friends and family. That is already a wonderful treat in and of itself on top of the food, decors and everything pleasant in between.

If you are determined to give your child a very memorable party, Cream of Maestro can give you the best entertainment services by no other than the genius Derrick Lee. We assure you that we will have fun totally covered. Contact us today at +65 93630342 or +65 107660342 for more details.

Kid’s Birthday Party – Frozen Inspired Theme

Fun is spelled out on the smiles that Maestro Derrick Lee paints on the faces of the children he entertains with his bag of knick knacks and magic tricks. His versatile way of entertaining makes him an enjoyable and engaging party host to adults and children alike .


Children’s themed parties are part of the fun that Maestro Derrick is able to provide, especially for the adorable little clients. Let them choose the enchanting setting they want for that special occasion and Maestro Derrick is happy to oblige, and even add a few surprises along the way. Here is a Frozen-themed kid’s birthday party with the adorable little host dressed as Princess Elsa.


This little one are all smiles as she holds her balloon sculpture by Maestro Derrick Lee. Balloon sculptures and tricks are just some of the add-ons you can enjoy for a fun-filled kid’s birthday party.



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Best Magic Show & Birthday Party Magician: Must See Photos

Kids will tell you why they want a magician at their party.  They love magic shows and a magical birthday is just what will make the celebration special.


Very successful party ! Kids loved the Frozen science show and were kept entertained by your high energy show. Thank you very much once again! ~ Mrs. Lim


Frozen science is easy to add on your kids party package the kids just love them… and We love creating them. See our other Kids Birthday party add on.

Derrick Lee and Birthday Celebrant-Kids-Birthday-Party


Never fear! Toddlers, teens, and adults alike enjoy these healthy kid-friendly Frozen drink.



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