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10 Easy Birthday Party Games for Kids

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Kids Birthday Party Games When it comes to birthday parties, the cake and presents are often the center of it all. But you can make things more fun and interesting for little one and the spritely little guests by preparing some party games for kids. This allows children to not only participate but also enjoy their time. Here are some games that you might want to add into your party plans.

1. Musical Chairs

Here is something that can have the little ones in a fun competition. All you need is a row of chairs that are lined back to back or arrange them in circular fashion. It should be one chair less than the number of kids who join. Put on some music and have the children walk clockwise around the chairs. When you stop the music the children must find a seat, the one left standing will be eliminated from the game. This also means you also remove another seat. Continue with the game and the child who got the remaining seat wins.

2. Lawn Bowling

A cheap and creative way to induce fun into your kid’s birthday party is lawn bowling. No, it doesn’t really have to be in a lawn, but a good amount of space can be appropriate. You just need some plastic water bottles that are of the same sizes. To make sure that they stand firm, you be more creative by filling it with water mixed with some food coloring. Line them up and then have a ball ready and have the little ones get ready to strike!

3. Bucket Toss

Order may be the last thing on your mind when kids are involved. But you can have them all behaved waiting for their turn with this all-time favorite bucket toss party games for kids. You will need buckets, Ping-Pong balls and some prizes. Simply line 6 buckets in a row, and fill it halfway with prizes. Then you mark a line on which the kid’s feet should not cross. The children will take turns tossing a Ping-Pong ball. If a child shoots the ball in any of the buckets, they get to win one of the prizes inside. If a child misses it after tries, another child will have their turn.

4. Bean Bag Toss

This is another tossing game that the little children will love. All you need are hula hoops and three small bean bags. Lay the hula hoop on the floor and line the kids a few feet away. Each of the children will have their turn tossing the bean bags into the hoop. Let them step back a few feet back each round to make things more challenging and fun!

5. Animal Charades

You can mix fun and creativity with animal charades. You just have to write the names of animals (use the easy ones), and drop them all in a bowl. Have the children take turns to take a slip of paper and act out the animal they picked. It would be better if there they make no sound at all to make it more challenging.

6. Treasure Hunt

Children love to explore, and a treasure hunt is a perfect way to tickle that fancy. You just make a treasure map that contains several fun, interesting and mysterious instructions. Hide or bury some clues outdoors or anywhere around the house. You can give gold coins or any prize to serve as the “treasure” at the end.

7. Balloon Race

For this game you just need some balloons and chairs. Place the children evenly into two groups and each have to partner up with someone. Each pair from each group will place a balloon between their waist and they will race around the chairs placed a few feet away and back to their line. The first group to have all pairs go around the chairs without dropping the balloon in between them will be the winner.

8. Balloon Pop

Another way to have some fun with balloons is to have the children tie it with a three foot string on their right legs. They have to pop the other person’s balloon by stomping on them, and when a child has their blasted they are out of the game. The last child with unpop balloon wins. This is going to be loud and hilarious game.

9. Egg Relay

This is a fun way to challenge the little ones’ balance. All you need are two teams with equal numbers of players. Prepare some hard boilded eggs, you can color them for added flair, and then provide each player with their own plastic spoons. All they have to do is to balance the egg on the plastic spoon, race towards a chair placed a couple of feet away while making sure that they don’t drop the egg as they steady their way back to the starting point. The first team to have all members successfully come back without dropping the egg wins. Have some extra eggs in hand, because if a player does drop one, they can come back to the starting point and do it again. Make sure to have some prizes ready to reward them for one those rather challenging but fun party games for kids.

10. Sock Game

This game is actually very simple, fun and hilarious. You just need several socks that are preferably knee high ones to make things more challenging. Have at least six times as many socks as the players in the game. Let the kids sit in a circle and instruct them that once you turn on the music they have to put on as many socks as they can until you stop the music. The one with the most socks on wins the game.

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