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Cream of Maestro: Experience A Captivating Serving of Magic & Entertainment By One of Singapore’s Leading Magician!

How would you like a serving of Cream of Maestro for any of your party needs? What’s a Cream of Maestro, you say? Why, it is an entertainment-filled party compendium of explosive magical fun freshly served by Singapore Magician Derrick Lee. Whether it is a Kid’s Magic Show, Wedding Day or a Corporate Event, you can feast on a helping of engaging magical performances and amusing entertainment with none other than Maestro Derrick.


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Derrick Lee doing some magic trick

Cream of Maestro Soup of Every Kind

An event is never alive without amusement and entertainment. Cream of Maestro can certainly dish up a light-hearted program that will draw out you and your guests’ curiosities with thought-provoking magical spectacle of every kind – from Fire Magic, Street Magic to Roving Magic. Your party will definitely come to life with a highly interactive show of performance. Party planner Maestro Derrick will not just host your event, he will charm every single guest to revel in every single moment of the program.

But, Cream of Maestro’s specialty is definitely bringing delight in the eyes of young audiences. Maestro Derrick serves it big-time for your kids, your guests and even the young-at-heart adults with great Party Menu options to choose from. Themed party offers are complete with a choice of balloons-sculpting, interactive fun games and, of course, a bagful of magic tricks. Parents can definitely just sit back, relax and also enjoy with their kids as Maestro Derrick hosts and entertains your kid’s guests to make sure that they have a grand time of their life.

Cream of Maestro’s Distinct Flavor

Introducing, The Maestro!kparty

The Maestro himself, Derrick, has always been curious about magic as a young kid. He would often persuade his mum into buying those “Trick or Magic” packets whenever they shopping in NTUC.


During his free time in the National Service, Maestro Derrick further explored his fascination of magic and developed his talent of the art over the years, as well as Fire Art and Balloon Sculpting. He has met a number of fellow magicians from different parts of the world, such as Los Angeles in the United States, Australia, London, UK, South Africa, Japan and New Zealand.

While he has made a name in the magic entertainment industry with his expert skills, he has also hosted in a myriad of prestigious events, like Balloon Runway 2008 @ Downtown East, Toshiba Tec Singapore D&D (20th Anniversary), MediaTek D&D (Casino Night), Microsoft Movie Event, FX1 Trader’s Night and Sesame Street, Madagascar 2, Looney Tunes and Bakugun shows. His fluency in English, Japanese and Chinese dialects like Mandarin, Hokkien and Teochew has enabled him to emcee among countless other cultural events and shows.

If you want a magic-filled entertainment for your corporate event or a kids magic show party, you can contact Maestro Derrick Lee +65 93630342 or to learn more of the Party Menu packages that will bring fun and enjoyment to your event.